Fireco Asia Sdn Bhd was incorporated in year 2008, through a business diversified market segment.

We are professionally focus on “Design Solution” to optimize product application in specialized sectors such as Telecommunication, Defence, Surveillance, Security, ITS, Fire & Rescue across Asia region.

A combination of advanced technology, efficient supply chain management and geographical location provides Fireco Asia with a unique platform to offer a comprehensive range of services and products to customer in multiple marketplaces in Asia.

Fireco Asia is the perfect partner for Telescopic Mast, supplying special vehicle’s Roller Shutter and Fire Fighting Water Mist system as well.

We developed Telescopic Mast solutions for our customer to achieve their required elevated height and payload, with a special focus on stability, mobility and portability. Fireco has wide range of pneumatic and electro-mechanical mast to satisfy any need for telescopic solution. The Mast extended height ranges from 1.8mtr to 40mtr have been designed specifically to carry devices such as floodlight lamp unit, telecommunication antenna, CCTV, telemetry equipment, broadcasting and photography devices.

Fireco Water Mist Fire-Fighting system are designed to be fitted on mobile vehicle or trolley for immediate fire-fighting intervention solution. It is incorporated with various size of GRP water tanks and FHP foam mixing system to improve fire-fighting efficiency and reduce the amount of used water.

Fireco Roller Shutter branded with “SRS” is designed mainly for various type of commercial and special purpose vehicle to provide safe access, vehicle space optimization and effective material handling especially during emergency.